Host a Group Retreats

The retreat facility is divided into two cloisters. Each cloister has a shrine room, a dining room, a bath house, two attached cabins (ADA accessible), and six freestanding cabins. The cabins are small (about 12’x10’) and have electricity and heat but no plumbing or air conditioning. There is a central bath house, with sinks, toilets, and showers. The south shrine room is larger than the north. In addition, SCOL has a cabin for teachers and housing for staff.

The two cloisters are joined in the middle by a large commercial kitchen. Generally all retreatants gather in the kitchen to recite a blessing together and dish up meals, and then retreatants are free to eat in the dining room of either cloister or outside.

Group Spaces

Groups can meet in the shrine rooms, for practice and teachings, and in the yoga rooms, for less formal activities. The south shrine room can accommodate 32 retreatants on cushions and in chairs, and the north shrine room can accommodate 16. The yoga rooms can be outfitted in a number of ways for different uses.


Provided meals are simple and vegetarian. Breakfast consists of oatmeal with assorted toppings, and hard boiled eggs. Lunch is a hearty vegetarian main dish and sides, and dinner consists of soup, salad, and bread. We also provide tea and snacks.

If you prefer, the option for your group to provide it’s own food and cooks is available. Staff can provide kitchen training. All cooks must have a Washington Food Workers card.

SCOL has 16 small cabins for individual retreatants with shared bathroom, shower, and kitchenette/dining areas. Four cabins are ADA accessible. We have one self-contained cabin with bathroom, shower, and kitchenette.

  • Cabins are heated but not air conditioned.
  • If you need special accommodation for daily living or showers, staff would be happy to discuss your needs.
  • Laundry facilities are available for those staying for more than one week but are limited.

Each small cabin is furnished with the following (or similar):

  • Single-sized Bed Platform with mattress and mattress cover (bring your own bedding: sheets, blanket, pillow, and towels)
  • Folding Tea Table
  • Chair
  • One Nightstand (with two drawers)
  • Reading Lamp
  • Coat Hooks

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring candles and incense for the altar?
No, we do not allow any item with a flame or ember due to extreme fire danger.