April 2022 – KCC Board Highlights

April 24, 2022

In April, the KCC board met to discuss and agree on next steps in a variety of areas.  Here are the highlights:

Inclusivity Action Plan update – Doug explained that the history of the Policy development was a bit conflictual and less comprehensive then hoped for by some members of the community. The Inclusivity Plan as it now stands has had WAG input and will be reviewed in a more collaborative manner, with Lama Eric involved from the beginning. Rosemarie is still willing to continue leading the process. Ryan and Linda B will continue to be involved. The next step is for the committee to determine if others should be involved, then revise the Plan and bring it back to the Board. (revised 5.10.22)

SCOL Insurance – Our Board Treasurer, Ryan Fitz raised the concern that the property insurance fire policy deductible is high ($100k) and the payout if an event occurs is low ($400k). Thus, its usefulness is limited and we are paying $39k for the policy this year. We need to keep the general property insurance. Ryan will investigate further regarding any cancelation options. If warranted, he will prepare a proposal for email vote.

Karmapa Issue Follow up – There was a brief report from Karmapa Communication Process Committee led by John Rothermich and its members include Marci Roth, Sonia Arion, Erik Fromme, Jess Amo, Linda Grove, Rosemarie Sweet, and Cynthia Knox. No meeting has been held but John and Marci developed a preliminary workplan for preparing for sangha communication sessions but it is being reconsidered now that Erik Fromme has been talking to the Sangha via Sunday Q&A’s. Since the facilitator of an earlier Women’s Action Group meeting was reviewed favorably, it was suggested we consider using her again. We need to get something on the calendar in late May before Lama Eric disappears in June retreats. The committee should define what success would be and what the indicators are.

The Board then discussed how best to update the sangha about these efforts. It was agreed that the Board Highlights and the website were appropriate avenues. The Newsletter is also a good way. We will prepare a short paragraph to place where appropriate. Doug will write a short article about today’s discussion for the newsletter.

Service Groups (SG) – There was a discussion of the need to develop clarity around SG/Board interaction. Board members will gather to better define what we need to know from the SGs and what, if any, oversight we need to have. Also, we hope the SGs have a similar meeting and then we should jointly meet. There should be alignment with Board approved policies and procedures. The SGs are the implementors of these. The Board needs financial oversight. The SGs should establish their plans to implement policies, and report progress to the plan. And an annual workplan and annual report is needed from each SG. Should we have a Board liaison to each SG? The Board will send a voluntary invite for a rotating monthly report at Board meetings from a respective SG coordinator to help maintain a connection between the Board and the SGs.

Strategic Planning Process – Ryan reminded the Board that the committee is involved in seeking a strategic planning consultant and the group is working on summarizing major themes from the sangha input sessions and preparing the summary for the sangha. All the detailed input will be given to the strategic planning professional. There was a question whether we are making the process too complicated or time consuming. We’ve already had the discussions with the sangha. Do we need more? Do we really need a SP professional? What can we salvage from the existing strategic plan and what needs to removed or added? Ryan will take this back to the committee to discuss.

Financial Report – Ryan provided the commentary from the Finance and Development SG Monthly Report as follows:

“March financial reports showed 2.9 months of operating reserve. While we have no debt and this reserve would cover our expenses for 2.9 months if not another dollar came in, we do know that other revenue is coming. We also have another $100K in Board restricted funds that can be tapped if necessary, and we have funds in Line 2520 paid for future events that will be released in the month where those events occur. Still, we are on the cusp of worrying. If the reserve does not go up from here over the next two months, the Finance Team will reconsider expenses for the last two quarters of 2022.”