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Announce List & Communications List

To subscribe to our Announce List, please complete this form. As KCC’s core email list, the Announce List is used to disseminate information about upcoming events & retreats as well as to share major announcements. This email list typically sees 1-3 emails going out each week.

You may also choose to subscribe to the Communications List by filling out this form. The Communications List receives the Happenings email, a weekly update from the Executive Director highlighting upcoming events and news updates, as well as community articles. This list is specifically designed to share regular updates about what is happening at KCC beyond simple event announcements. The Communications List does not have sangha discussion, only information updates from KCC staff and volunteers.



Sangha List

The Sangha List is an email group used for informal communication. Sangha members can read and post information about practice discussion topics, prayer requests, rooms for rent, recommendations, etc. The Sangha List receives all of the same information that is sent to the Communications List, including the weekly Happenings email, plus this additional aspect of informal sangha communication.

To subscribe to the Sangha List, please send an email to with your full name and email address.


For general inquiries, please email:

Portland Center, 4936 NE Skidmore St, Portland, Oregon 97218