Board Meeting Highlights – April 21 2023

May 4, 2023

Highlights of KCC Board Meeting, April 19
Present: Board members – John Rothermich, Doug Dunlap, Peter Wood, Jennifer Chang, Brad Upton; Marci Roth; Executive Director – Liza Baer; Others – Miriam Hammer, Vicki Fields

Approval of March Minutes

Finance Report:

  • On target for expenses at SCOL
  • We have three months financial reserves
  • Raise for bookkeeper

Service Coordinator Updates: (Miriam H.)

  • Need more volunteers and more money for SCOL
  • Need more volunteers for Portland Center – many older members are stepping down lately, e.g. Mary stepping down from leading the Children’s Program
  • Khenpo’s visit – lodging needed
  • Repairs needed at urban center – looking for a handy-person

Board Roles and Responsibilities – discussion of what “Board business” is and what it is not.
The following topics were raised:

  • Board should limit work to only big picture tasks (oversight, monitoring), especially with such a small number of Board members.
  • The new ED and assistant to ED can manage a bulk of delegation.
  • How do we know what needs to be brought to the Board?  Strategic planning, compliance issues, financial oversight, and emergencies are examples of issues that Board needs to deal with.
  • Change board meetings to quarterly? Or monthly one-hour meetings?
  • Folks would like Lama Eric to attend the Board meetings more often.
  • Service Groups and Board – how does new ED fit in?
  • Board could review the Box docs from SG leaders and bring up concerns with Liza?

Board Goals for 2023 – discussion and finalization:

  • Monitor implementation of sexual misconduct policy.
  • SCOL rental plan: Board will approve after the SCOL team creates the plan with some preliminary discussion.
  • Develop better evaluation processes for Executive Director and Resident Lama evaluations.
  • Incorporate “360” feedback.
  • Recruit Board members – goal is for seven members.
  • Conduct leadership retreat with Board / SGC / ED / RL – September, 2023?
  • Ethical Conduct Policy – develop policy and implement through training and other activities.
  • Implement Inclusivity Action Plan
    • Identify specific items tagged for the Board
    • Establish and monitor a committee to do this work.
  • Conduct reviews of RL and ED no later than 2/1/2024 and maybe have less formal quarterly reviews
  • Have Resident Lama attend board meetings quarterly
  • Complete development of a new Strategic Plan – goal: September, 2023.
  • Review and update Board member onboarding procedures.
  • Monitor and evaluate KCC reorganization plan including the implementation of Service Groups.
  • Executive Director role needs to be updated in KCC Bylaws – draft and approve language that describes the ED role and responsibilities for this purpose. John R. will take lead role.

SCOL Rental: (Vicki F.)
The following topics were discussed:

  • John R. consulted with an attorney – KCC is allowed to rent to outside groups 50 days per year (no more than 15 consecutive days) and there can’t be profit, we can just cover operating expenses.
  • Has to be rented out to other not-profit church organizations.
  • Need to be careful to not act too fast due to difficulty finding cooks. Need to solve this problem.  Could use a catering business.
  • Discussion of rental fees.
  • How to maximize use of SCOL for Sangha members.
  • Will find out more about guidelines from consulting with attorney.

Resignations from Board:  Marci Roth and Doug Dunlap will both be stepping down from the Board as of this April meeting.