Highlights from Board Meeting: March 19, 2023

March 23, 2023

Dear Sangha:  Here are the highlights from March 19, 2023 Board Meeting.

Present: Board Members: Jennifer Chang, Doug Dunlap, Brad Upton, & Marci Roth; also attending: Liza Baer, ED, Linda Grove, & Rosemarie Sweet

Quick Bits were as follows:

  • Strategic Planning Update: Strategic Planning Retreat will occur in May at KCC.
  • Progress Pride Flag: One has been ordered to be placed at entrance to Portland Center.
  • Meet the ED scheduled for April 9th during the morning Q&A and will be the theme of that day’s sangha meeting.

Sexual Misconduct Policy – presenters: Doug & Rosemarie

  • Approved with minor edits including how visiting teachers will be presented with the policy to sign.

Finance Report – Jennifer Chang

  • SCOL team concern about low income during last retreat due to the large amount of retreat discounts provided.

SGC Update – Liza

  • Nothing to report – no monthly reports in Box this month.

Executive Director Onboarding – Liza

  • What’s going well, what are the challenges: Need for a AV person and who could be an assistant to the ED; about to lose the main person who helps with AV matters. Liza is in process of determining all of the job responsibilities for the ED position and the assistant at this point. Needs to form a clear part-time job description for the assistant position.  What can the Board do to help? They have been supportive of hiring; details now need to be worked out with people “on the ground” and Liza.

Inclusivity Action Plan – Liza

  • Review and discussion of how best to publicize to sangha and implement plan/priorities.
  • There is proposal to conduct an educational focus group to address topic of pronoun use
  • Add resources to website along side of inclusivity, to include links to podcasts, movies, articles, & books.
  • Liza will write an article for the Newsletter about this topic and refer to the website and resources.
  • Lack of awareness by leadership about the DEI best practices. Proposal for the leadership to watch a four-hour DEI training video presentation and discuss together either at a board meeting or at the strategic planning retreat in May.
  • Inclusivity Action Plan includes a land blessing at SCOL and KCC.  Hope to make this happen soon.

KCC Board Goals for 2023 – Jennifer

  • Review/discuss/propose how to prioritize – moved discussion to April board.