Sangha Meeting Notes – February 13, 2022

February 13, 2022

The February Sangha Meeting largely focused on the purpose of sangha meetings and the responsibility for conducting these meetings.  Participants shared various perspectives on the purpose of the sangha meetings.

  • Identify in advance topics for update and discussion.  But keep the meetings loosely structured.
  • Meeting is an opportunity to provide organizational updates and discuss emerging issues.
  • A forum for organizational transparency and to provide access to organizational leaders.
  • A forum for creative input and feedback from sangha members.
  • Some expressed concerns about the low number of meeting participants.  Others felt that the meeting numbers should not be seen as a diagnostic of the overall health of the sangha

One sangha member commented that there was a small Tergar community in Portland and suggested KCC consider networking with the group and consider sharing our facility/resources with them since we have mutual interests.

Another contribution to the meeting, well supported by several attendees, was the desire for more opportunities to build individual relationships with other sangha members through sharing of people’s spiritual journeys/paths.  Sharing our paths increases our bonds and makes teachers out of all of us.