12/24/2021: KCC is closed to indoor gatherings at the Portland Center until further notice.

Board of Directors – Members

John Jennings, President

John first encountered Buddhism in middle school when he randomly picked a book on Buddhism off the school library shelf. This was followed by reading Hesse’s Siddhartha. Years later while finishing his Master’s Degree in Architecture at the University of Oregon, he encountered Kalu Rinpoche and took refuge with him in 1983.  John first came to KCC in 1986 but left for a long stretch to live in Chile and grow a family. He returned to KCC in 2007 and has served on the Board since 2014.

Doug Dunlap, Assistant President

Now retired, Doug worked as a psychologist for over 30 years, mostly at various branches of Oregon State Hospital. In addition to working as a psychotherapist and treatment team member, he coordinated and edited a patient newspaper there for about 15 years. In 2010 he stumbled into the Portland Shambhala Center where his skepticism about a spiritual path was slowly transformed into positive engagement and gratitude for teachings received. Seeking more traditional and accessible Buddhist teachers, he began attending KCC in 2017 and is currently a student of Mindrolling Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche as well. He became a Board member in 2020.

Ryan Fitz, Treasurer

Ryan was drawn to Buddhism and meditation on first exposure in college but only began developing a stable meditation practice years later during travels and meditation retreats in Asia. He began volunteering at KCC after arriving in Portland in 2013, and he coordinated KCC retreats, events and communications from 2014 until he moved to Madison, Wisconsin in 2017. Ryan managed operations at Tergar Madison for over two years and now works at a reputable biotech company. He has continued to assist with KCC media and retreats where possible and is excited to offer service on the Board.

Linda Logan

Linda came to KCC in 1992. Preferring to jump in and figure out if she can swim later, she was soon serving as KCC Board Treasurer, on the team to recruit Lama Michael Conklin, and with Lama Lekshe to start the Children’s Program. Linda attended every retreat KCC offered, culminating in Venerable Bokar Rinpoche’s Awakened Mind retreat in 1996. Her skills as a yoga teacher helped tired legs find new life during retreat breaks.

After time away from KCC, Linda jumped in to help in the bookstore, on membership drives, and by cooking at numerous functions and retreats at SCOL. She did a one-woman baking fundraiser, relying on her skills as a systems analyst to ensure everyone received their baked goods on-time. Linda is thrilled to support KCC as a Board member again however is most helpful.

John Rothermich, Secretary

Born and raised in Salt Lake City, John went to law school and worked as an attorney in New York City before moving to Portland in 2007 with his wife, Shelley, and son, Emmett. John and Shelley began attending KCC Sunday morning meditations in 2011, while Emmett participated in the KCC Children’s Program. John and Shelley took refuge with Lama Michael Conklin in 2012 and volunteered as teachers in the Children’s Program in 2013-14. John has participated in several KCC retreats, attended KCC’s annual Mahamudra seminar in 2019, and has taken personal retreats at SCOL.John also served for 10 years on the Board of Outside In, a Federally Qualified Healthcare Center supporting homeless youth and  marginalized populations. John has been a practicing trial lawyer for 20 years, helping clients resolve business disputes and government investigations, most recently with K&L Gates.