Honoring Mary Woods

August 30, 2023

At both the Monroe House and now at our Urban Center, we have all had the joy to hear children’s voices and sounds in the distance while we practice. This is the wonderful history of this offering twice a month to both children (and their parents) to have a place to gather with other children and try on some dharma while their parents often are practicing upstairs at the same time.

In 2015, the KCC Childrens’ Program was in a big transition and needed a new teacher.  Long time KCC practitioner Mary stepped forward and with tons of love and enthusiasm re-designed and led a successful program for children for the next 9 years.  Every child who came instantly loved and trusted Mary.  She was always willing to flex what she taught given the different ages and temperaments of the children who came each Sunday. Mary engaged the parents from the beginning and also instituted successful fun and profound family days at SCOL.  Over time, she also had fellow dharma cousins helping her, like Zopa, Cynthia I, Sally M, Carolyn Peck, Mary Petrides, Sarah Clark.

Mary’s own dharma life goes back many, many years with deep connections to KCC. She also practiced as a Nurse for her career and gently lives in full support of her husband now. Stepping back from leading the Children’s program assures her of more time with him.

Here’s the group at SCOL for the annual family gathering on Memorial Day weekend. See Mary in the middle with ball cap on!! Mary, we are so grateful for your love for the Dharma, for the children and parents and the whole community. Thank you so deeply.


This autumn, sangha member Lotus Romey-Yu will begin facilitation of the Children’s Program. In her words:

I am looking forward to supporting and growing our Sangha by engaging with the children’s program moving forward. I believe that having an accessible program for children such as this is an important step in making the Dharma ever more accessible.