KCC Leadership Retreat – 2023

October 19, 2023

Over the weekend of 13-15 October, KCC Staff, Board Members, and Service Group Volunteer leads came together at SCOL – KCC’s retreat center near Goldendale, WA. During this leadership retreat we reviewed a draft KCC’s strategic plan and brainstormed actions and activities to put the plan into action.

KCC’s Executive Director Liza Baer guided the 14 participants through small group work, large group discussions, meditation practice and aspiration prayers. We also had viewing glasses to safely observe the annular eclipse, which could be seen through high patchy clouds. The engaged discussions extended into lively conversations over delicious meals and during the pumpkin carving activity.

KCC’s strategic planning process has unfolded over a period of 2 years to include six opportunities for the entire KCC community to provide input and share their aspirations and priorities. The resulting plan is a distillation of community input and will be approved by the Board later this fall and shared widely.

KCC currently enjoys a relatively strong financial position when compared to other nonprofits grappling with financial challenges in today’s economic climate. However, our 2024 revenue projections are falling short of expected expenses. Therefore the group deliberated on short-term and long-term strategies to increase revenue and ways to involve newer members in volunteering their time and expertise. Our mutual goal is for KCC to effectively manage its existing resources, compensate its personnel, and provide a nurturing environment for dharma practice.

The collaborative engagement was refreshing and inspiring for all attendees. We hope the entire community will benefit from the collaborative energy generated in the leadership retreat and we invite all community members to find a role for themselves to help KCC flourish and offer high-quality practice and retreat experiences to all.