KCC Sangha Meeting Notes from February 14

February 14, 2021

-Submitted by Willa Rabinovitch

News from the Board of Directors

Board member Doug Dunlap shared action items and reports from January’s KCC’s Board of Directors meeting:

  • Portland Center upgrades include repair of the heating system, overseen by John Jennings and incorporating donated equipment. Volunteers have done some interior painting and repair.
  • Although much of the KCC strategic planning process has been postponed until people can meet in person, the organizational structure, decision making process, and supervisory relationships within KCC are currently under review. The executive director position is also being refined. Cliff Lenton has volunteered to facilitate this strategic planning and restructuring process. He is currently talking to people about their roles in the organization and will soon be making recommendations for possible changes in organizational structure.
  • KCC’s bylaws require that the organization have a Spiritual Director. The Board has asked Khenpo Lodro Donyo Rinpoche, a Kagyu lineage master and the abbot of Bokar Ngedon Chokhor Ling Monastery in Mirik, India, to assume that role, and Khenpo Rinpoche has agreed.
  • Peter Frothingham and Cynthia Irvine have proposed the development of a benevolence fund to support people in financial need. The Board has approved the concept and is forming a committee to oversee the effort, which will be supported by donations.
  • KCC’s finances are stable, with close to six month reserve. The organization has received good income from programs, which have had participants from around the world via Zoom.
  • A new budget category has been established for repair and maintenance for both the Portland Center and Ser Chö Ösel Ling (SCOL). This budget item will anticipate upcoming repairs and renovations, and will provide sufficient funds to cover major projects such window upgrades, roofing and exterior painting

Participants asked and were answered

  • Donation and membership requests to the community have not been made recently. Phil Wallin, Development Director, will be addressing this. (See How to Become a Member of KCC in this issue.)
  • Program Council membership is changing, under the direction of Lama Eric.
    New Board members are still being recruited. Three nominees are currently awaiting approval, but more are needed.
  • Board minutes and financial statements posted on the KCC website are in the process of being brought up to date.
    Sangha directory update is still in process.
  • Nicole Seals is participating in Dharma Book Shop management with Phuntsok Johnson. She’ll be there every Wednesday from 11 until 1, and also by appointment.

End of Life Resources

  • Julie Hurlocker has put together end of life resources, recently updated. Those who attended the Death and Dying inquiry group a few years ago are familiar with some of the material. The information can be sent out to the community as a PDF. A Zoom meeting to review and to contribute to the documents will be scheduled, and the community will be notified.

Participants thoughts about returning to the Portland Center

  • Some participants are feeling cautious and others would like to gather, in safe numbers, at the Portland Center and at SCOL. There’s a desire for communing with one another, and an acknowledgement of the isolation we’ve experienced for the past year. John Jennings reported that KCC has an excellent ventilation system and other Board members present said they will address readiness at the next meeting. Zoom access can be made available with many events at the Center.
  • Meanwhile, there’s a need for opportunities for social interaction in the community. Amy Vance and Nicole Seals will participate in a newly formed Social Committee. They’ll send an invitation to the community for others to join them in planning opportunities for the community to get together via zoom, and perhaps in the not too distant future, to gather at the Center.