KCC Sangha Meeting Notes from Sunday, November 15

November 15, 2020

Submitted by Linda Besant and Doug Dunlap

Present: Linda Grove, facilitator; Doug Dunlap, Phil Wallin, and Linda Besant, Board representatives; Chimey (Lois Beran), Sally Alworth, and Jeff Alworth, PC representatives; Lama Eric; 14 other sangha members

Announcements from Board
Currently in process of recruiting for new Board members. Consider nominating someone or nominating yourself.

In process of improving onboarding process for new Board members, with handbook, structured orientation, and mentoring program.

Currently in midst of developing and implementing process for evaluation of Lama Eric at the end of his probationary year. Working with PC on this as KCC Bylaws require.

The first Sexual Harassment two-hour training was recently offered to Board members and some others in leadership roles, by Jess Amos. It is part of KCC’s overall effort to ensure we are sensitive to and aware of dynamics of power that can arise in spiritual communities. These trainings will be offered more widely over the next year.

A question was asked about what KCC’s ground rules are in this regard, for example about relations between students and teachers. These rules are still in development, and the Board plans to sponsor multiple trainings which will include discussion by sangha members of various pertinent issues.

The Board will also be organizing a strategic planning process for KCC to take place in 2021.

Program Council report: Continues to finalize schedule of teachings and retreats for 2021. Almost completed.

• Willa R invited anyone who wishes to volunteer to participate in maintenance work of the urban center. Paint touch up, minor repairs etc. Also let Willa know of anyone who might have skills.

• Amy V, Michelle Z, Rosemarie S, Jennifer C and others met and distributed wood chips, dug holes in the stones, and planted trees outside the urban center. Thanks to them.

• Linda G talked about plans to open the bookstore to sangha members on an individual basis. Please email her if you want to shop in the bookstore.

• A question was asked about offering the Bodhisattva Vow at KCC, noting that it has has been a long time since this occurred, including a partial day teaching about it. It is likely that many would be interested in taking or renewing it. Could this be scheduled as part of the New Year’s retreat?

Lama Eric mentioned that giving the bodhisattva vow was not something to be done lightly. He is currently looking into ways to make it possible for the KCC community to receive this vow, lay precepts, and empowerments, perhaps via streaming technology.

• The Sangha Directory is being updated. A team of volunteers will be asking for responses from everyone about whether or not they want to be on this list which is available to all members. Ash M, Kay H, Carolyn P, Peter F, and Susan G are working on this. Sangha members can help by sending all contact information they would like included to KCC-directory@kcc.org.

• Joe B reported that Portland Buddhist Peace Fellowship has been sponsoring and organizing compassionate social action in the community. Folks from many different Buddhist sanghas have participated. This is an avenue available right now for folks who want to participate in social action which is peaceful, safe, progressive, and Buddhist oriented.

• The newly revised and updated KCC website will be going online soon!

• Willa R reported on the initiative for KCC community sponsored donations to the Oregon Food Bank.