KCC Taskforce to improve Sexual Misconduct Policy

June 23, 2022

The Board wishes to inform the community that we are taking steps to improve our Sexual Misconduct Policy. At the last board meeting, on Sunday June 12, the Board formed a Taskforce with Rosemarie Sweet as Chair. Others include Board member Doug Dunlap, and KCC members Jill Severson and Lama Chimey.

This decision follows a report to the Board on the recent three-part seminar on Preventing and Addressing Sexual Misconduct attended by Lama Eric, Lama Chimey, Doug Dunlap, Teri Duffy and Jill Severson. While KCC has a sexual misconduct policy for its employees, it is preparing to develop a policy that applies more broadly, and includes updated avenues for members to report abuse or misconduct.

The Taskforce is taking on the drafting of this policy with the intention to complete it promptly for Board review and approval.