Support the Final Preparations for KCC’s Buddha

June 25, 2023

Dear Sangha,

KCC is excited to share a unique opportunity for you to support final preparations for the consecration of KCC’s Buddha.  

Be a Donor

Back around 2019, our dear Sanje Elliot began a campaign to raise funds to purchase a nearly life sized Buddha statue for KCC from a well-known Nepal artist. Though it has taken some time, the statue has been crafted and flown to Portland.  Many thanks to John Jennings and Bill Spangle for coordinating customs clearance and the transportation from PDX to KCC.

Over the next couple of weeks, the team of Bill Spangle, Steve Parker, Jef Gunn, and Pat Kirkhuff will build a platform and create a cove behind the cutout archway in the back of the stage in which the statue will be placed.

We have also invited Umze Chopel—the head chant master from Bokar Rinpoche’s monastery in Mirik, India—to come next week to help us properly insert the relics, mantras, and other substances to make it ready for consecration. Only then will it be unveiled.

Help KCC raise $2,500 to cover the purchase of precious items to fill the Buddha, travel costs for Umze Chopel, and an offering to Umze Chopel for his efforts.  

You can also contribute precious metals and semiprecious stones to be placed in the Buddha.   Bring your contributions to KCC by 1-July.  They can be given to Lama Eric or placed in the donations box in the meditation hall.  

Any money raised in excess of our need will go toward KCC’s general fund. Your contributions will be tax-deductible.

Lama Eric has offered the first $100. Please consider being a part of bringing this work of spiritual art to life and presence for the dharma center!