Supporter Drive 2024 – Lama Eric

May 2, 2024

To kick off KCC’s Sustaining Supporter Drive,

Lama Eric Triebelhorn shares how he started contributing to KCC:

“The year before I moved to Portland, I started listening to public radio. During their fundraising drives, I felt the truth in their message of: “Support for our programming has to come from those who use and appreciate it. If you’re listening, then that is you! Please consider contributing to keep this service available to all.”

When I found KCC in the mid 90s, I was 24 years old and earning $8 per hour. The benefit I was receiving from the meditations, discussions, and community at the dharma center felt priceless, so I was proud to contribute to a mission that I so thoroughly believed in. My $50 monthly contribution—$25 in dues and $25 towards Lama Michael’s very small salary—was significant to me, about 5% of my gross income. It felt so empowering and mature to affirm my newly discovered values through financial support.

Contributing to a dharma center shows appreciation for what we receive; it is accumulation of merit that helps unlock deeper understanding; and it is making dharma available to others. I hope everyone who comes to KCC will consider helping to sustain KCC at a personally meaningful level to help keep the Dharma’s beacon glowing so that we and others might find safe passage through the stormy seas of confusion and suffering into calmer waters of clarity and wellbeing.”


Dharma of Dollars

KCC is committed to providing the teachings of the Dharma freely.  To do this, we must generate enough revenue to compensate our staff, maintain the Portland Center, SCOL Retreat Center and numerous online offerings.

Recently, a newer member said that KCC feels like an organization with a $1,000,000 budget. The truth is that the rich offerings of KCCs regular practices, programs, and retreats are accomplished by dedicated staff, committed volunteers and a small budget of about $350,000.

Like many organizations, KCC is feeling the effects of inflation. The growth of income is not keeping pace with expenses, especially wages and benefits for our five wonderful employees, including Lama Eric, the Managing Director, and our SCOL staff.

  • The Board recently decided to “pause” on filling the part-time Portland Center Operations Manager position due to our projected budget shortfall.
  • The cost of insurance, Zoom and other key software subscriptions continue to rise.
  • The cost of fuel and other essentials for SCOL operations and maintenance have increased, too.
  • Replacement of the roof and siding at the Portland center is also an imminent expense.

Furthermore, the KCC Board is committed to providing Cost-of-Living-Adjustments to staff because KCC compensation is quite low in a high cost-of-living area like Portland, OR.

In 2024, the KCC budget looks like:

  • Projected Expenses: $366,000
    • Projected Employee Wages and Benefits: $207,468
  • Projected Income: $351,000
    • $125,000 from programming; $225,000 from contributions
    • This includes a $30,000 legacy gift
  • Shortfall: $15,000
    • Without the legacy gift, our shortfall this year would be $45,000
Help the KCC community steward its resources and provide a welcoming place for today and tomorrow’s Dharma practitioners.


Sustaining Supporters are the financial foundation of KCC.

During the 2024 Sustaining Supporter Drive, we ask you to consider:

  • Becoming a New Supporter
  • Increasing Your Pledge
  • Making a one-time Donation

Currently, about 130 supporters make recurring pledges.
An average monthly pledge of $175 would balance KCC’s budget.
Give enthusiastically within your means!

Here is some information to consider & guide you:

If your income is $100K per year,
a pledge of 5% of your income would be $416/mo.
a pledge of 2% of your income would be $166/mo.

If your income is $60K per year,
a pledge of 1% of your income would be $50/mo.

If your income is $30K per year,
a pledge of 1% of your income would be $25/mo.


Bi-weekly Raffle! 

During the 2024 Sustaining Supporter Drive, you will be entered into a bi weekly drawing to when you:

  • become a new sustaining supporter
  • increase your pledge
  • make a one-time donation

Make your donation early to be entered into all 4 drawings!


Volunteer Support

KCC recognizes that not all individuals are able to make a financial contribution. Volunteer efforts by sangha members are also invaluable contributions to ensure that tasks vital to KCC practices, retreats, and general operations are completed with care.  Contact Sally Mead to find a volunteer role that supports KCC.