The Dharma Sustains – Sustaining Member Drive 2024

March 10, 2023

Sustaining Members are a key component that keeps KCC on solid financial footing. This week, sangha member Jennifer Chang shares how the dharma has supported her and why she supports KCC:

“Thoughts and emotions are impermanent. Notice how they arise and dissolve.”

In the spring of 2022, this teaching was a key support for me as I helped my parents downsize from their home of 30 years and bid farewell to their hometown of 50 years.

With this teaching in the forefront of my mind, I had space to receive the emotions my parents were expressing as well as my own feelings. Emotions did not need to be solved – just experienced. I set an intention to prioritize compassion during conversations about what to pack and what to leave behind. Sometimes I succeeded, sometimes I faltered. Now, almost 2 years since their move, I have a stronger and more tender bond with both my parents.

Experiencing how dharma teachings can transform challenging moments is one reason I contribute to KCC as a donor and volunteer. The KCC community offers a wealth of formal and informal teachings, reminding us that every single moment is an opportunity for practice.

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During the 2024 Sustaining Membership Drive we hope you will consider:

  • Becoming a Sustaining Member with a monthly pledge.
  • Increasing your current pledge.
  • Make a one-time gift.

Here is some information to consider when you make a pledge:
If your income is $100K per year, a pledge of 2% of your income would be $166/mo.
If your income is $20K per year, a pledge of 1% of your income would be $16/mo.

The 2024 Sustaining Supporter drive goals are:

  • Welcome 25 new sustaining members.
  • Achieve $90K/year in recurring pledge income. $100K would be even better!

During the 2024 Sustaining Supporter Drive, when you become a new sustaining member, increase your pledge, or make a one-time donation – you will be entered into a bi-weekly drawing to win:

  • Drawing on 9 MAY: A loaf of homemade bread from Linda Logan
  • Drawing on 23 MAY: Ceramic mug hand crafted by our Executive Director Liza Baer.
  • Drawing on 2 JUNE: Mani necklace
  • Drawing on 21 JUNE: Notecards featuring photos taken by Lama Eric in XYZ

So make your sustaining commitment early and you will be entered in ALL four drawings!

Donate Today

KCC’s Finances

Thanks to wise governance over its history, KCC has no debt and our Portland Center and SCOL Retreat Center are assets worth around $3M. Yet, like many organizations, KCC is feeling the effects of inflation, and our income is not keeping pace with expenses. KCC needs enough revenue to maintain and repair our KCC infrastructure and compensate staff. In 2024, the KCC budget looks like:

2024 Projected Expenses: $376,000
2024 Projected Income: $351,000
Projected Shortfall: $15,000

In addition, KCC needs to build a reserve fund to pay for significant maintenance and replacement costs such as a new roof and siding for the Portland Center. If you want to learn more, the Board of Directors ( would be happy to receive your questions.

Your contribution will directly contribute to sustaining operations, compensating staff adequately, and stewarding KCC’s resources for the benefit of all.

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