What a year this has been for our jewel of a sangha!

December 16, 2022

Let’s celebrate with some snapshots of 2022, and offer gratitude for our precious community!

We held a corcucopia of retreats at SCOL:

  • Buddha’s Women Disciples
  • Vipashyna: Exploring the Nature of Mind
  • Mahamudra Program Yidam Retreat
  • Family Retreat
  • Summer Personal Long Retreat
  • Mahamudra: View, Meditation and Conduct

And wonderful dharma events at our Portland Center:

  • Chanting the Rain of Wisdom
  • A Tonglen Retreat: Awakening the Heart by Transforming Resistance
  • Kenchen Konchok Gyaltsen Rinpoche gave teachings, a Refuge Ceremony, and the Bodhisattva Vow.

We have countless opportunities for practice, study, and engagement:

  • Sunday Shamata Practice and Dharma Discussion
  • Chenrezi and Green Tara Practices
  • Morning Zoom meditation sessions
  • Mind Training Study Group
  • Equanimity and Inclusion Group
  • Death and Dying Study Group
  • Climate Action Study Group
  • Engaged Buddhism Group

The Children’s Dharma Program recommenced

We took care of ourselves, Ser Chö Ösel Ling and our Portland Center

  • Community Life Needs and Care Group
  • Karma Cleaners Dust Bunny Roundups
  • Dharma Diggers
  • SCOL Work Parties

We embarked upon important efforts:

  • Improved our Sexual Misconduct Policies and required sexual misconduct training for staff.
  • Adopted an Inclusivity Policy and an Action Plan for implementation.
  • Launched our new Service Group Coordinators structure.
  • Commenced our long-awaited Strategic Planning Process.

And we have fun together

  • Sattva Social Club movie nights and events
  • Buddhist Bingo
  • Blooming Lotus Vajriety Show

Indeed, ours is a precious human existence,
with abundant access to dharma study, practice and community.

Please contemplate what it is that you especially value about KCC and consider offering dana in gratitude as 2022 concludes.

Perhaps you find the Zoom service to be essential and wish to help support the $800 per year costs; or you understand the need to help underwrite something entirely unglamorous like propane at SCOL, which is running almost $5,000 a year these days.

Or you might choose to honor Chenrezi or Green Tara practice, or the Mind Training Study Group, or the Children’s Dharma Program.

Please know that whatever generosity you can offer sustains access to the dharma for so many both near and far, and is deeply appreciated.


To donate by check, send to:

4936 NE Skidmore St
Portland, OR 97218


Photos: Linda Besant, Dora DeCoursey, Doug Dunlap, Sally Mead, Marci Roth, Kate Rudigier, Mary Woods