Learning Resources

We offer a wealth of resources to support meditators in their pursuit of greater familiarity and understanding of the meditation practices offered at KCC.

Practice Resources – We have compiled frequently-used prayers and recitations, practice texts, explanatory videos, audio and visual aids for those seeking to learn or enrich their understanding of Chenrezi and Green Tara practices.

Recent Practices & Video Archives – View over one hundred shamatha, Chenrezi and Green Tara practice sessions conducted at KCC. Most of these feature periods of meditation with brief instruction followed a teaching or question-and-answer period. Also included are some videos of our retreat center (SCOL) and a link to KCC’s YouTube channel, which has many video recordings of classes, meditation practices and Q&A sessions from a period of several years.

Retreat and Class Videos – Access videos of retreats and classes offered at KCC. Since these events were by registration-only, they are password-protected and are accessible by participants only.

Glossary of Buddhist Terms – This helpful glossary provides brief definitions of a range of important, commonly-used Buddhist terms, including several Sanskrit and Tibetan words.

KCC Library – There are more than 500 dharma books available for checkout in the basement of KCC. Please sign out every book you take and return it within one month. Some of our older paperback books are out of print or can be very expensive to replace, so treat our books carefully and remember to return them promptly. Please limit yourself to three books at one time, unless you have a special need for more. Library Catalog – PDF